Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner remaining firm under increasing pressure

Weiner describes his...uh...nevermind. 

Okay, we get it.  Enough already.  I’m already over-quota for dick jokes well into 2012.

Here we go anyway.  See how much blatant sexual innuendo you can find in this article.
The news media has been all over Weiner for the last week since this whole Weiner thing exploded in the news.

Fellow Democrats are calling for Weiner to come down but Weiner appears to be remaining firm despite the increasing pressure.

Of course Donald Trump felt he had to get on top of this Weiner thing too.  Anyone who wasn’t an idiot could see there was something up with Weiner.  But thanks anyway for your incredible insight Donald and coming from someone of your moral caliber that means a lot.

The Clintons have already said they are unhappy about Weiner but so far the White House has been avoiding Weiner altogether.

The news media has been hammering Weiner for the last week.  Honestly, I don’t see how they have been pulling it off with a straight face.

Weiner has been on the lips of network reporters all week and they have repeatedly used words like “pressure” and “firm” and describe Weiner as being Jewish.  Their continued use of poorly worded phrases makes me think that even Wolf Blitzer must be in on the jokes.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…PENIS.

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